Sunday, November 14, 2010

Matt Damon. Hereafter.

Hey guys,

I've always been a fan of Matt Damon. The Bourne trilogy was just EPIC! Hereafter looks like a real good movie talking about the topic of "life after death" which I'm sure has crossed a few of our minds at some point in our lives. Hopefully this movie lives up to the to the level of my anticipation!! Haha. Can't wait!!

Till next time,
Kuro Luffy

P.S. For those who haven't seen any of the Bourne movies, here's the trailer for the 3rd movie Bourne: Ultimatum (the best one in my opinion) but WATCH the first two movies first before you watch this one or else it won't be as EPICLY AWESOME!! The beginning and end of this movie were just over-the-top INSANE!! You'll know what I mean soon enough!


  1. hereafter looks like a pretty good movie!

  2. This site has REALLY grown on me.

  3. im really looking forward to the bourne ultimatum 2

  4. Hereafter does look good. I'm excited.