Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Leafs are BACK!!

ALRIGHT everyone!! The time has come!! After waiting 8 long and painful games, the Leafs are finally able to come up with a win against the Nashville Predators late on Tuesday night!! The game was nothing short of intense (probably the best game Versteeg has had all season)! The Leafs were down by 3 early on but after a goal from Luke Schenn late in the 1st period, the comeback of our Leafs began, who later won it 5-4. If you missed the game, check out the highlights at the home of the Leafs.

For all you Leaf fans out there, I know we're all feeling the same thing - relieved! Relieved that the torture of watching our team lose game after game, night after night is finally OVER! After being shutout at least 3 times in the 8 game losing streak, I'm hoping our secondary scorers (ie Versteeg, Kulemin, Grabovski, etc.) don't stop scoring!! Is that too much to ask?? LOL just kidding (but seriously don't stop!)

And for all you ex-Leaf fans...COME BACK!! I think the Leafs who started the season 4-0-0 are finally back! But we'll just have to see tomorrow when they take on the New Jersey Devils (but don't worry I have a good feeling =P)

Anyways till next time,
Kuro Luffy

"I have no problem cheering for a team that loses, but it's hard for me to cheer when our team doesn't score any goals. So let's not get shutout anymore, okay?" - Anonymous


  1. tremendous job on this post! very creative

  2. Sorry, I am way too much of a Wings/Rangers fan to support the leafs. But I will say this, Hockey is Hockey, and I will cheer for the leafs as long as they are not playing either of the teams above. Gotta support Canada any chance I get :P