Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do you remember Final Fantasy X/X2?

Hey everyone,

The Final Fantasy series has always been amazing, especially with incredible graphics offered by the PS3, the newest additions to the series look spectacular. But I just want to remind everyone about the older classic Final Fantasy games that even though did not have the splendid graphics that we have now, were still just as epic if not more.

Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X2 are the 2 games of the franchise that I have come to love the most. I remember buying Final Fantasy X2 (my first game on my PS2) just because of the cute girls on the front =P Almost like fate, my eyes were then opened to the world of Final Fantasy and I must say "It looks pretty awesome!".

But I do have a slight confession, I haven't finished either Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy X2 despite playing each game more than before you FREAK OUT! let me explain..ahem...I, being the self-proclaimed perfectionist that I am, have always managed to miss something along the way when journeying through the world of Final Fantasy (regardless of the Fantasy)... in Final Fantasy X I didn't solve one of the first ruins (which I swear I did) and thus couldn't unlock the ultimate summon: The Magnus Sisters. So I stopped playing before I met the final boss, X2, even though I followed the official guide to the BONE I was down 1% in the Story Completion and so I didn't finish the game because I wouldn't be able to see the Perfect Ending...

I know. It's depressing... xD

But one day I intend to start up my journey through FFX and FFX2 and hopefully when I'm older (I will be stronger - K'naan =P) I will be able to complete both of these epic games!

Till next time,
Kuro Luffy

P.S. Which Final Fantasy game did you enjoy the most?? Maybe I can (if I haven't already) try it out =) 


  1. Never played Final fantasy X or X2 because I didn't having money at the time lol. But final fantasy VII is the one I enjoyed the most! I love the story and it was one of the greatest RPG imo along with Suikoden 2 :)

  2. someone finally after sooo many yrs has agreed that this song is PLAN AWESOME!!!! loved it since uhh.... 6 yrs ago? xD

  3. LOL!! Yeah, this song is the best no arguement there =P Brings me to tears every time xD

  4. Hopefully you should be able to see my comment. Definitely, ff7 was best to me. All the final fantasies are awesome and different, but it just so happened that this was the first one I played.