Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Fashion Commentator

So this gay person I know is writing a blog about some gay stuff like clothes and crap. I've invited him to write for me, with pay, but he said no. Change his mind my fellow (two) readers! I've got a poll so vote YES for a new commentator.

Right Thar

Ferrari 599 Roadster

Pebble Beach 2010 was this week and seems Ferrari debuted an ultra exclusive 599 to select patrons including Jalopnik`s famous Ray Wert (I Love You Ray, No Homo). Details available at Jalop.

September Flicks (2010)

September seems to be a good movie for actions fans, and perfect for those back to school movie nights.

Machete  (Sept. 3rd)
Danny Trejo stars in an awesome sex/action/explosion-exploitation flick. I have a feeling this might be more adrenaline filled then the Expendables so be sure to watch for the intestine rope and minigun bike.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (Sept. 10th)
I loved all the Resident Evil films. All those zombies and nukes and guns and slow-mo matrix-esque effects. Unfortunately this movie is in 3D and right there it means the action scenes aren't going to have quite the resolution as good ol' 2D. Besides that it promises to be a good conclusion to the series.

The American (Sept. 1st)
It seems like quite a long time since I last saw a George Clooney film but now he's back with a spy thriller. Watch It. But personally, I'd still rather watch Machete.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sorry for ruining your day with this pic but Manofest has compiled 25 photos of people we love to hate, hipsters. Now I hate hipsters as much as the next man but Manofest has found the creme de la creme. Don't forget these are just pictures, I wouldn't want any of you punching your monitors.

IGN's Top 25 Playstation 3 Games

IGN recently posted a Top 25 XBOX360 list but I'm sure none of you care about that crap. So for all of you normal human beings IGN has released a list of the Top 25 PS3 games. They will be revealing five more in their list everyday so be patient and check back here everyday for the updates.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cracked Flashback

The summer is ending very soon for Uni students like me and I'm sure parties all across Toronto are heating up these next few weeks. Here are some drinking myths for all you... er... kegger-ers and party animals.

Courtesy of Cracked. America's only humor and video site, since 1958.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Console Wars: PS3 Vs XBOX360

I might be a bit biased since I own a PS3 slim, but I'll try and stay as indifferent as possible. If you have ADD and think this post is TLDR then after the jump, skim through the side-by-side comparisons and  vote FOR THE PS3.

Thanks to IGN.

Machete feat. Danny Trejo & Intestine Rope

I remember seeing the Machete trailer (out September 3rd) with the grindhouse movies and I though, good god, this is epic. Seems like movie producers can read my mind and they've come up with this red-band trailer for even more insanity (possibly NSFW). Segal is back, Hell its about time eh.

Thanks to IGN for hosting the vid, and being the best damn gaming site on the interweb.


I don't know how many of you are into cars but as I write this I can hear my across-the-street neighbour (I'm Canadian. What now.) driving off in his R8. For any of you Gran Turismo junkies waiting for that next fix here's a fansite for more vids to drool over. I for one am waiting for November 2nd to roll along so I can pick up my GRAN TURISMO FIVE COLLECTOR'S EDITION. Suck It noobs.

Sucker Punch. BAM!

 I hope your prepared. When I saw this I was hooked, been watching it over and over, can't stop. Anyways, without spoiling anything chicks in school uniforms, WWI, dragons, samurais, miniguns, mechs, guns, superpowers, blimps, fiery explosions. LOVE IT.

Numero Uno

So guys, this is my first post on a blog. I'll have a collection of posts from many different sites. I hope the one person who actually reads this likes cars, women and stupid people doing stupid crap.

Jalop of the Day: The TVR Sagaris. Britains quintessential crazy car.
Props to Jalopnik