Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kuro's Overload on Clannad

Awesome, no?

GO WATCH CLANNAD NOW! Right NOW! (But read my post first!)

<Note: Currently fixing the video problem xD However you'll be able to watch the epic vid after the jump!>

 Hey guys,

Believe it or not, but that video was NOT the opening of the anime Clannad! I repeat "NOT the opening of the anime", it was fan made!! I know right?! It was done so amazingly well, that I bet half of us assumed it was at first =P or ... maybe it was just me lol

Anyway, Clannad is a show about a boy named Tomoya and his relationships with the a few other kids in his school (mainly girls o.O there's like only one other guy lol...<sigh> so lucky). Each episode is a blast filled with drama, romance and I think one episode even featured baseball! And with Tomoya's mental narrations, each episode is jam-packed with tons of laughs for everyone.

The sequel, Clannad Afterstory ramps up the heart-clenching drama to a WHOLE-'NOTHER-LEVEL!! Honestly, I've never watched an anime (and I've watched my fair share) that brought me this close to tears (I didn't cry though, because real men don't cry! LOL jk-ing...but seriously I didn't cry)!!

I 100% recommend CLANNAD and CLANNAD AFTERSTORY to everyone (boys, girls and YUPMAN too)!!!

I'm sure everyone will like it as much as I do!! So, watch a few episodes OR the entire 2 seasons and tell me what you think!

Till next time,
Kuro Luffy

It has a HAPPY ENDING ='( <sigh> I'm so relieved. You'll know what I mean when you WATCH IT!!