Friday, January 14, 2011

YupMan <-> Green Hornet | My Kinda Movie

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Going to an opening day movie is quite a gamble. Few reviews are out and it's impossible to determine if you'll like or hate a movie with just a three minute trailer and 30 seconds of clips.

I was on the fence when I went into the theater I desperately wanted this movie not to suck. I wanted it to stand up to the original. In short it did. In long it was totally freaking hilarious, subtle, full of inside jokes and references, the explosions and special effects were awesome, clean, creative, genius.

The casting of Jay Chou may have been a selling point for the movie but it turned me down because I had never heard him speak a word of English and I feared he would be unintelligible. Turns out that, as always, I was right. He has more of a mumble then Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes (not that I didn't like him anyways) nor did I mind Chou because I doubt any other Asian actor could have pulled out that emotionless but cool acting he did.

So.. with all that emo hair. How does he still have depth perception?
Christoph Waltz plays the main antagonist. He genuinely creeps me out. He has that air of insanity that I have rarely seen in real life. The insanity so far off the scale that it ends up on the side of cool and collected, which makes it worse because he has no hesitation in killing you in gruesome ways.

Like this but without the chains.

And with more double barrel pistols.
The movie felt like it was shot for the connoisseur. With me being a car aficionado I noticed in the garage, *ahem* Merc 300SL, Ford GT (Gulf Oil Livery), Mosler MT900, Merc SLR, Bugatti Veyron, and a bunch of american hot rods I was not able to identify. Of the many fine specimens few would be recognizable to the common car folk, but the ones the hardcore recognize would no doubt be the Mosler, the 300SL, the timeless classics. What I'm trying to get at here is that if a character was wearing a suit, or drinking a wine. It would need a purveyor of fine clothing or drinks to fully understand the expensiveness of the suit or rarity of the wine. Its this attention to detail, these easter eggs that I have and always will love in a movie.

It's...tooo...pretty for words..............*wipes tear*

It is at this point that I recommend watching the original Green Hornet. Many jokes, scenes or running gags will make infinite more sense if you saw the parallels with the original.

Which is which, all masked men look the same to me. Like the men at my special club.
One word of caution for those who are going to spend money on the movie. I warn against watching in 3D its useless. Just save yourself those few dollars and watch it in good 'ol 2D. The action scenes will be easier to follow, and you won't have to wear stupid glasses.

Speaking of action scenes. You can't have a YupMan Review without talking about fights and explosions. The fight scenes were.... hectic. to say the least. Fights are more of the disjointed, disoriented type with exhibition of martial arts a secondary to pure excitement. Kato vision is funny, and useful to help you follow the action. Although fights are unrealistic they are entertaining and that was the point.

This is what you get when you search for Kato Vision. Kato, you pervert.

Chase scenes were creative. Very Very Creative. Imaginative stunts, and unexpected twists kept me focused and excited for what would be around every turn.

All in all, I would rate this a "Watch in Theatre". 8.5/10
Do it
Watch it.

Seth Rogen's brilliant in this movie.




  1. gf wont see this with me because its 3d....

  2. The Blue Bag next to ChinkyleeJanuary 15, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    This movie was so stupid. Entertaining, but thoroughly stupid. Not worth watching in theater IMHO. STOP WASTING MY $3.00 FOR 3D CHINKYLEE.