Tuesday, January 4, 2011

@)!! is here.

Heyall I'm back from my holidays. Sucks going back to school and waking up in the mornings. Anyways I've got a friend I'd like to introduce you all to. Some of you man know him but here he is...
Youtube Game Commentaries. So bascially its just when someone talks while a game plays in the background. Sometimes its live. Somtimes with two people. But seriously don't unsubscribe it's alot cooler than it sounds. 
Alot of the people are funny and quite into whatever they talk about so for the uninitiated here are some people I'd like you to check out.

Tejb (To tha face)
ElPresador (aka the Best)
Tobuscus (Toby Sucks at Games)

Also check out Geoff and Jack at Rooster Teeth for Achievement Hunters for the best show on youtube.
Check em out. If you hate it then don't watch em. If you love it, glad to have helped.

Heheh Harry Potter is so shit.

P.S. Add me on twitter at Yup_Man