Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YupMan's Tron: Legacy Review

That video up there. Thats the movie I'm anticipating next. I figured everyone and there mums has seen the Tron trailer so it would be boring of me to show it. Does that dude with the emo hair at the beginning remind you of Donnie Yen? (Donnie is awesome, Flashpoint was an epic fighting movie)

Ive seen many mixed reviews for Tron: Legacy and have heard the opinions of several of my friends about the movie. Put simply, I thought the movie was everything I realistically expected. Many people had such high hopes, and great expectations for Tron that it just couldn't pull off in the modern movie experience. Back in the day, 1982, nine years before I was even born the first Tron was a gem of a movie, unique and polished unlike any other. Nowadays its lost some of its sparkle but not because its dulled but because theres too much glittering from new gems that have been made. It has lost its juxtaposition it lives in a world of epic movies to compete with and yet, it wins in my book.

The visuals are truly unique and thats saying something where large companies strive to create more and more glamorous settings. The scenes and compositions made the entire movie a series of movie posters, the entire movie felt like an extended trailer.

Another gripe my friends had with the movie was the story. Admittedly they hadn't watched the first one and so they accepted everything by it face value. I watched the first Tron in the morning right before gong to the theater and I loved it. The familiar settings had me excited for what was to come.

The action sequences were some of the best I have ever seen. The acrobatic fighting, light cycles, and high speed jet chases had me entranced. And that rush, the one that James may describes as his fizzy gland thats behind is prostate, oh the rush.

Part of the rush I must attribute to Daft Punk's incredible score. Now remember this is not an album. Its a soundtrack. Daft Punk captured the move and the scenery of the grid so well that tonight I feel like I'll be dreaming in neon with End of the Line and the End Titles playing.

If just one person reads this and thinks. Heh Yupman's got this stuff figured out. I will be happiest little blogger in the world.


  1. lol i stopped reading after the 1st paragraph,i 'll probly go see this movie next week sometime. cause got nothing else to do.