Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monthly Media - October

October is upon us (Just one month until GT5) and I had nothing to write about today, I'm saving some stuff up for the weekdays. Soooo I've decided to show you some of the movies and games coming out this month.
Read on if your interested.

October 15th
Jackass 3-D

Jackass has always been a source of entertainment. It's like they've distilled the essence of the internet into a feature length film.

October 15th

RED has all the makings of a great action comedy. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren are heavy hitters in epic department. I heard that when they were all on set the awesome set the key grips hair on fire.

So besides that there isn't much I'd like to see. The Social Network has had alot of buzz and rave reviews but too much talking for my likes, and apart from that its centered around the people who created Facebook. How much do I NOT want to see that. Oh and its got that annoying actor from Adventure/Zombie land, there's just something about him that makes me want to kick the guy, possibly for being so pitiable.

Medal of Honor
October 10th

MoH is at the top of my awesome games of the year list. An updated Frostbite engine offers more environmental destruction and better physics. The multiplayer promises to be epic amounts of fun.

Super Scribblenauts
October 12th

The original Scribblenauts was a great game but the controls were HIDEOUSly annoying to work with. Super Scribblenauts has supposedly fixed their flaw and now adds adjectives to help you finish puzzles.

Portal 2
October 26th

I will be getting this game even though I only played the first at my friend's house. The dark humor of the first makes a return as well as a whole slew of gameplay mechanics that promises to keep me puzzled late into the night.

If you guys have something you really want to see/play tell me in the comments below. Or if you've got anything to say about my opinion I'm all ears.


  1. Heyder, i supplied, supply back.

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  2. Ooooh. RED looks really interesting. Great actors aswell. Thanks for the tip man ^^

  3. for jackass 3d they are just gonna fuck with us

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