Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toku Joins Yupman, Talks about Arsenal FC

Please excuse the music.

I’ve decided to join YupMan and blog sporadically on Arsenal FC. For anyone who follows the EPL, you may know that we play the most aesthetically pleasing football within that league, albeit not always the most effective. For any people that strictly followed the World Cup, I have to tell you that 2010 South Africa was horrible football. The fluidity of the passing between the players on the team is simply mesmerizing. Here are highlights of some of the better moments from the past.


And there you have it. Yupman's first guest blogger. Follow regularly for more footy updates with Toku.

Yupman here:

P.S. To all you 'mericans who'd rather me say Soccer, "SUCK IT"

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  1. Nice soccer video =P