Thursday, September 9, 2010

Naruto-4-Thought: Is Uchiha Madara really the man behind the mask?

New Commentator: Kuro Luffy

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===SPOILER ALERT: Naruto manga references ahead!!===

We've warned you. The rest is after the jump.

Hey Naruto-Fans!! Or should I say Naru-tards!

This is Kuro Luffy and today I want to address something that I’ve begun to think about after reading the latest chapter of Naruto by the one and only Masashi Kishimoto! And that something is…<epic suspenseful music>…!!!


Alot of you must be thinking “Of course he is! DUH! Every character in Naruto must have said his name at least once! And he even admitted to being Madara like a ba-zillion times!”

Yes, this may be all true and it probably is. But let’s check out one other possibility that, if true, may blow all our minds away!!!

What if <super epic suspenseful music> Tobi was actually Uchiha Obito! That’s right! Uchiha Obito, Kakashi’s childhood friend who gave his Sharingan to Kakashi right before his crushing death.

Let’s look at some potential evidence to why Obito could possibly be Tobi’s true identity!

Exhibit A: This manga strip was released in the latest chapter of Naruto, finally revealing a part of Tobi’s face! The hair and the eyes look strikingly similar to that of Obito, no?

Exhibit B: Have you ever wondered why Tobi has only one eye-hole in his mask? It’s kinda weird, but we accept it cause it looks cool. BUT! Is it just a coincidence that the eye covered behind the mask is his left eye which just happens to be the same eye that Kakashi has the Sharingan in?!?!?!

Now before all of you go “WHOA!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED—Kuro you’re SO SMART! AND HANDSOME!”, which I know you’re dying to do. There are 2 potential flaws with this idea:

1)      Why would Obito suddenly go crazy (assuming he did survive some how) and try to take revenge on well – the world.
2)      It isn’t clear but from the timeline (and from what I remember), Tobi may have appeared in front of Yahiko, Nagato and Konan before Obito’s death (but this is totally debatable =P).

Alright my fellow Naru-tards! Just something to thing about ^-^ Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below and tell me who you think Tobi really is!

Till next time,
Kuro Luffy


  1. another timeline flaw with this theory is that Madara appeared in the flashback to the events of the kyuubi's attack on Konoha. We see that Madara was already plotting his schemes as far as back then. I doubt a kid like Obito (who would be a kid back then) would create such a plan at that age. Also, there's the fact that he could go toe-to-toe with 4th hokage, making it really unlikely that Obito could be the one behind the mask.

    1. Well, looks like our friend was right. He really is OBITO.

  2. Just another thing that I'm nitpicking on, I think it's a little mean and annoying to refer to anyone as "naru-tards". Just saying

  3. nice post.
    but it could all be one great big coincidence with the eye thing plus madara could have just gotten a hair cut lol what might make this theory more real is if it is madara just in obito's body. it could work just dont ask me how

  4. I think that it's quite possible that Tobi is really Obito or at least someone in his body. First of all, the Kyuubi attack happened after the Third Shinobi War, meaning that Obito might not have been a kid since we don't know when he "died" during the war and how long after the war the Kyuubi attack was. There also seems to be a relationship between the ninjutsu that Tobi's and Kakashi's Sharingan use, suggesting that they may have the same form of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Even their names seem similar considering how Obito can almost be changed to Tobi by switching up some of the syllables(oh-bee-toe and toe-oh-bee).

  5. look if you want mangekyou sharingan you have to kill your best friend said itachi so kakashi has mangekyou sharingan and tobi was his best friend so hes dead

  6. Who ever thought as Tobi was OBITO...u have the minds of the genius ... dammnnn!!!!