Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flynn Lives *Update*

For those of you who loved Tron Legacy as much as I did, theres gonna be this easter egg video on the blu-ray in april. Luckily we've got the video already leaked. It seems to be a teaser for TR3N or Tron 3 featuring Sam Flynn and some very special characters from the first movie, watch to find out.

Disney seems to have removed the leaked footage. Will update again if I find a working link.
If you've got a link that works tell me down in the comments.


  1. I dunno lol didn't really like Tron Legacy as much as you did (HP7 FTW?) xD but the music was EPIC (GO DAFTPUNK)!! BUT SO EXCITED THAT TRON LIVES ON!!! Thought it would end with legacy ^-^ SO GLAD IT DIDNT WOOT